YOU would like to trade the stock market to make money, but youíre new to the game and donít really know where to start. Or, youíre a seasoned trader who has made more mistakes than you care to admit - some of them damn serious.

Iíve been both of you. In the end, most stock market traders lose money. Often! The reason is simple - the more we know, the less we learn.

And the old adages are just plain wrong or misleading: ďLet your profits run!Ē and ďCut your losses short!Ē are mutually contradictory.

But it doesn't have to be that way. There are methods - fairly simple ones - which work a lot more often than they fail. The Idiot & The Moon explains exactly what they are - precisely what to watch for so you can let your profits run safely and exactly when you need to cut your losses and get out fast.

Let me be nakedly blunt - the primary purpose of this website is to sell The Idiot and The Moon. However, that doesnít mean I expect you to fall into a swoon and push the PayPal button in some sort of catatonic stupor.

You want proof that itís going to be worth the effort and the money, which is fair enough. So, Iím going to GIVE some of its details away - enough, potentially, to make you rich. Not immediately, but over time, certainly. See "Moon Trading"!

And if you press the big round button just to the left, you'll find a regular update on what's happening in stock markets ... and what's likely to happen next.

So, have a look around ... drop back every so often and read the market report for the week ahead. You'll know soon enough whether it's worth the effort, or just another pitch for snake oil.

Copyright: Randall Ashbourne - 2011-2014

Moon Trading
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